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What we do

At PDC (PRATIMA DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE), we believe prevention is better than cure. We provide holistic diagnostic services across all our centres in Navi Mumbai.

Comprehensive range of Clinical Laboratory, Digital X-Ray, Portable X-Ray, ECG tests with modern equipments. PDC is trusted name since 1997.

Experienced and motivated staff in the lead of 20 years experienced doctor “Arvind S. Yadav”


Clinical Laboratory

Clinical laboratory research comprehensive solutions. PDC Providing the most extensive array of

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Our Pathology Tests Services start from clinical Pathology, Bio-Chemistry,

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Digital X-Ray

Enhanced images, the scope of digitally transfer,visualize abnormalities

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Portable X-Ray

PDC (PRATIMA DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE) provides X-Ray, ECG and Clinical Pathology facility with Social

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A perfect wellness Programs in depth Research. PDC provides electrocardiogram test (ECG) health

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Great Reasons to Select PDC.

  1. Established Brand Since 1997
  2. Govt Approved & Multiple services under One Roof
  3. Qualified and updated with latest knowledge Staff/ Base with modern amenities.
  4. Customers health is our top priority.
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