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September 26, 2018

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In the spirit of the festive season, we share some useful tips to steer clear of skin problems and get a glowing skin to look your absolute best.


A solution for today’s women


Today even women who are in their mid 20s are facing aging related problems like wrinkles, dark circles, and deepened laugh lines. Thus, it is important for everyone to start lifestyle modification and taking care of our skin from an early age under the right qualified guidance. Problems related to ageing, scars, dullness, stretch marks and blemishes are difficult to be treated but are not impossible to cure. You will be glad to know that these skin problems can be treated with full safety and effortlessly effectively.


In a routine, Everyday life, we tend to neglect the basics of our beauty regime which over a period of time shows up in the form of unhealthy complexion, dark spots pigmentation and such like. Hence it is of paramount importance that one takes her beauty regime seriously like:


Eat Healthy


Fresh and nutritious fruits which are easy to digest are essential for a healthy skin. Avoid processed foods, refined grains, excessive sugar and full fat dairy. Avoid hard drinks and fast foods which are loaded with unnecessary calories and non-permitted flavours and colours which can play havoc with your skin. Eat more calcium rich foods like at least nine colourful fruits or vegetables a day, and 2 servings of iron and zinc enriched foods (like seafood and red meat).


Remain hydrated Drink lots of water as it pushes out toxins from the body and contributes to a clear skin.


Be Consistent with beauty products


In the face of newer innovation in beauty products, there is an urge to try them all. But you may be doing more harm then good as it may negatively impact your skin. it’s a good idea to stick to products that are tried and tested on your skin during festive occasions. Of course do try a new product on normal days to understand its results on your skin as you might need a couple of weeks to notice any changes in your skin.


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