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  • Pathology lab in Navi mumbai | PDC

    Best Pathology lab in Airoli

    "PDC (PRATIMA DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE) is the most reliable Diagnostic Center in Airoli."

    PDC Health is a reputed Diagnostic Centre and Pathology lab in Airoli

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  • DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE in Navi mumbai

    Diagnostic labs in Airoli

    "Quality diagnostic services at affordable price in Navi Mumbai!."

    With PRATIMA DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE, avail top-quality diagnostic services, for example Blood Testing, X-Ray and ECG.

    "You have a diagnostic requirement, We have a Total health solution."

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  • Health checkup in Navi mumbai

    Blood Test lab in airoli

    "Home Health Care"

    Doorstep sample collection privilege high standards of practice. Just call PDC Health Line 7045236041

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A leading PDC Health Pathology Lab now makes it easy. Renowned pathology lab for all kinds of diagnostic tests.

Ensure Our Available Services Excellence Acknowledged

  • Clinical Pathology Center IN Navi Mumbai.
  • Pathology Lab Near Your Location.
  • Latest Technology X-Ray Center Near Your Location.
  • Leading and one of the biggest pathology lab in Airoli.
  • Quality clinical pathology testing at the best possible rates.
  • Doorstep sample collection.
  • Patient-focused, technology-driven Pathology laboratory airoli Navi Mumbai.


Meet Us for Pathology | Diagnostic Needs | Health Check-UP

Dr. Arvind s. Yadav

  • For excellent accurate pathology labs report in Airoli, Navi Mumbai.
  • For Advanced X-Ray technologies with dual options report format portable and digital X-Ray.
  • For Electrocardiogram test (ECG) health of the heart and the body overall at PDC Airoli, Navi Mumbai.
  • For Comprehensive solutions, Scientific Excellence, Anatomic Pathology, clinical research laboratory services across Navi Mumbai.
  • For equivalent discount, offers low cost on our health check-up packages.
  • For skilled technicians walk into PDC health center. Report collection at your convenient.
  • For detail on particular diagnostic, Pathology text, X- Ray etc. PDC has sincerity, love and affection based staff for every patient.
  • Visit for every success in future and flourish about health.
  • We know how important it is for the patients to maintain their fitness. PDC Health is providing you with the vast range of all test under one roof itself, lesser down the price we try to deliver the privilege of best service in Navi Mumbai ( Airoli ). From ECG to digital x-ray to advanced x-ray all such leading and progressive analysis are conducted at PDC Health followed by maintaining the hygiene inside the pathology centre as well as within the patient.

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